Temporary Works

Alan Auld Group offers innovative and cost effective temporary works designs from tender concept through to execution. Designs are based on the extensive practical experience of our senior staff combined with theoretical knowledge and modern analysis practices of our designers.

We are able to offer a full range of design services including the production of design and layout drawings, Contractors methodology and sequencing drawings, and supporting documentation (including the Network Rail Form C and the London Underground CDS documents).

The company is often involved during the contractor's bidding process to demonstrate the contractor's capability to the client. Following the award of the contract the tender concepts are developed into full erection drawings, together with fabrication drawings when necessary.

Large contractor organisations as well as specialist subcontractors feature on our regular client list and we are proud of the extent of regular repeat business we achieve.
The temporary works schemes that we have previously developed cover a wide range of problems and solutions; the following types of work have previously been carried out:

  • Facade retention framing and propping
  • Cofferdams
  • Tunnels, headings and shafts
  • Large underground chamber temporary works
  • Shaft framing and openings
  • Heavy propping
  • Support to tunnels and large diameter pipes
  • Temporary acoustic buildings and shrouding
  • Deep excavations and underpinning
  • Hoardings and barriers
  • Crash decks
  • Scaffolds
  • King pile supports
  • Mechanical handling systems
  • Gantries & lifting systems
  • Muck dump stations and skips handling
  • Temporary walkways and access arrangements



Eastney support to exisitng sewer