Alan Auld Engineering has a long history of involvement in mining projects both in the UK and around the world. As an organisation it has developed particular expertise in the specialist field of accessing mineral deposits.

The Alan Auld Group has experience of the design of deep shafts and surface drifts for mines and nuclear waste repositories, as well as other associated underground structures. The Group has been involved in the design of many of the deep shafts sunk around the world in the past 20 years and has also carried out work on other mine projects, including the recent design of a new friction winder tower for a UK coal mine.

The Alan Auld Group is able to offer the following services at each stage of a mine project life cycle:

  • Feasibility
    • Planning
    • Mine design and Layout
    • Project costing
    • Independent technical review
  • Development
    • Detail design of working layouts
    • Shaft and drift design
    • Inset design
    • Shaft furnishings
    • Winder tower design
    • Roadway support
    • Methodology
    • Site supervision and project management
    • Surface materials handling systems
  • Production
    • Development costing
    • Preparation of subcontract tender documents
    • Contractor procurement and vetting
    • Contract monitoring and reporting
  • Remedial Works Maintenance and Upgrade
    • Mine shaft repairs
    • Winding system upgrade projects
    • Underground dams, plugs and stoppings
  • Abandonment
    • Shaft capping
    • Environmental work
  • Special Projects
    • Nuclear waste repository design
    • Hydro electrical & storage caverns

Caphouse Colliery Shaft repairs to brick lining

Caphouse Colliery


Picadilly Mine

Drummond Mine Entrance

DSCF2423 Drummond mine face at crown 105 from rear off Excavator

Drummond Mine Face


Picadilly Mine