Alan Auld Canada can supply tailored construction teams to complete technically demanding, schedule critical projects. Such projects demand a different approach than general underground construction, requiring both more planning and the ability to react quickly in the field to unforeseen circumstances.

Our approach is to provide the best possible team for each project, so the right mix of skills are available at the construction site to make the right decisions at the right time. Each of our crews is put together specifically for each project by using a variety of mining, civil, skilled trades personnel, rather than general contractors. Our schedules are developed to offer a healthy balance between work and family life so we can attract and retain the best people in each field. By selecting self motivated individuals and embedding a technician on every crew we reduce the need for third-party oversight so all parties can focus on solving the problem. Whereas on other projects as-built information is frequently lost compromising future work our technicians are there as work happens to capture the details of what was done and why.

As a result, we have consistently delivered challenging projects at a variety of scales on time and on budget.