• Kilroot Salt Mine Access Drift

    Kilroot Salt Mine Access Drift

    The Irish Salt Mining and Exploration (ISME) Kilroot mine at Carrickfergus has been in operation since 1965, and using the...

  • Green Park Station Temporary Works

    Green Park Station Temporary Works

    The Green Park Step Free Access and Station Upgrade Project in London is a major London Underground infrastructure upgrade project...

  • Goderich Salt Mine

    Goderich Salt Mine

    Goderich Salt Mine is a long established salt mine near the town of Goderich, Ontario. The town itself has one...

  • Drummond


    Alan Auld Group Ltd has the capability to manage complex construction projects and is able to tailor its extensive project...

  • Crossrail Moorhouse Shaft

    Crossrail Moorhouse Shaft

    Crossrail is an important project for the future of the transport infrastructure for the City of London. The Moorhouse shaft...

  • Connaught Tunnel

    Connaught Tunnel

    The Connaught Tunnel forms a significant part of the Crossrail Central Section. Built using brick in 1878 and not in...

  • Cigar Lake Uranium Mine

    Cigar Lake Uranium Mine

    Upon entering full scale production, Cigar Lake is envisaged to be the largest high grade Uranium Mine in the world....

  • Caphouse Colliery Shaft Repairs

    Caphouse Colliery Shaft Repairs

    The historic Caphouse Colliery, near Wakefield in west Yorkshire, is home to the National Coal Mining Museum for England. The...