Vanscoy Potash Mine

Project Description

Vanscoy Potash Mine, owned by Agrium Incorporated is located in Saskatchewan, approximately 40 kilometres South West of the city of Saskatoon.

Following an independent shaft inspection of the Service and Production Shafts on site, Alan Auld Canada (AACN) created a 360° video record of the shaft lining that could be safely studied from a desktop to identify problematic areas using our patented cutting edge mine inspection system. From these videos, AACN were then asked to design a replacement section of concrete liner where the existing liner was showing signs of distress owing to it's age. Our methodology took advantage of planned shaft downtime to safely remove and replace the shaft liner section, without affecting normal operations.

Once the design was complete AACN supplied shaft technicians and engineers to provide quality control in the shaft over the course of the two year period when repair works took place. Following the rehabilitation of the shaft, the video system was again used to log an 'as-built' video for the mine’s future reference. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this successful project and congratulate them on achieving zero lost time incidents, zero medical aids and zero first aids.