Scissors Creek (Rocanville #3 Shaft)

Project Description

Subsequent to our initial involvement, Alan Auld Canada (AACN) supplied a number of technicians to the Scissors’ Creek shaft bottom steel project, to act as client’s representatives at the job site. To accelerate project schedule, the client had opted to construct the shaft bottom facilities, from the neighbouring Rocanville Mine. Our scope of work included monitoring and reporting on progress as well as advising on how the construction could be made more efficient.

Following concerns over a loss of schedule and the impact on the critical path, AACN provided an experienced crew of steel erectors and welders, reporting directly to the project planner. This extra team allowed the project management team to push certain areas of construction which were in danger of falling behind.

Following the departure of the steel construction contractor from site, AACN took over the entire contract and are currently supplying a range of skilled tradesmen and technical staff to the project. These staff are responsible, not just for completing the shaft bottom steel, but for rectifying any defects in the previous work. As well as this our technical team are responsible for all project management, including QA/QC, scheduling, methodology planning and managing requests for information with the designer.

When called upon AACN was able to successfully crash the schedule from 35 days to 28 days for the removal of the bulkhead which protected the #3 shaft bottom steel.