Kilroot Salt Mine Access Drift

Project Description

The Irish Salt Mining and Exploration (ISME) Kilroot mine at Carrickfergus has been in operation since 1965, and using the latest innovations in mining technology is now able to produce almost a half million tonnes of de-icing rock salt a year.

On this project, Alan Auld Engineering (AAE) were responsible for the detailed design of a 7.3m ID circular profile Sprayed Concrete Lining (SCL) Drift. The construction of the Drift was achieved using a combination of primary and secondary SCL with site representation from AAE for the duration of the open ground tunnelling to monitor the tunnel drive and SCL production quality. AAE Monitoring work included assessing face conditions, recording changes in geology and geological mapping, RESS (Required Excavation and Support Sheets)and meetings to review construction progress and communicate any required changes in the tunnel process.

Further points of interest on this project included the specialist design and analysis of the mine’s salt creep data for an SCL lining design with sufficient capacity to resist salt creep and of the successful New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM).