Goderich Salt Mine

Project Description

Goderich Salt Mine is a long established salt mine near the town of Goderich, Ontario. The town itself has one of the oldest salt mining industries in the province, and operations there have been ongoing since 1866. The mine is currently owned by Sifto Corporation.

Alan Auld Engineering Ltd (AAE) were engaged to complete initial mineshaft inspections in order to determine the extent of water ingress. To ascertain this, extensive ground investigation works were carried out. These investigations included drilling a test borehole to determine the competency of the ground, together with water flow rates and paths. In addition to this, a remote monitoring system was installed at predetermined points in shafts #2 and #3 which monitored water pressure in real time. Remedial shaft liner concept designs were then developed in order to refurbish the shaft walls enabling them to retain the water pressure behind.

In conjunction with the aforementioned, AAE staff both monitored and carried out an overview inspection of drilling operations and waste water disposal.