Crossrail Moorhouse Shaft

Project Description

Crossrail is an important project for the future of the transport infrastructure for the City of London. The Moorhouse shaft is the first tangible element of the project to be built to date.

This 8.2m internal diameter, 50m deep ventilation shaft for the future new Liverpool Street Crossrail Station was constructed beneath, and in parallel to the fitting out of the new Moorhouse Office Development. The ground floor and mezzanine level of the Moorhouse Office development was utilised as the main shafts work site, whilst the collar of the shaft was constructed and incorporated within the lower basement slab of the structure.

Alan Auld Group Ltd was engaged by the Contractor to design a circular monorail to enable the positioning of the concrete lining segments used to build the shaft to be picked up off the shaft floor during sinking and be positioned around the circumference of the shaft during the underpinning process, the concrete segments having first been lowered down a central lifting well in the basement structure.

In addition, Alan Auld Group Ltd designed an automatic dump station situated at street Level. This enabled the bottom opening shaft skip to be emptied into a spoil storage bunker, and await removal from site by lorry.