Bank Station Capacity Upgrade Project

Project Description

Bank Station is an important upgrade for the future of London's transport infrastructure. The underground works are intended to modernise Bank tube station and give it the ability to better cope with commuter congestion.

For this capacity upgrade, Alan Auld Engineering Ltd (AAE) has been responsible for the permanent and temporary works design of the Northern Line, Central Line, and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) underground tunnel junctions. Other detailed design work has included the opening frames to create adit connections between stations and tunnel openings, steel square work tunnel passages forming adits between tunnels and openings, stair and lift shafts, and the design of concrete surrounding steelwork.

On this project, AAE has also had the opportunity to use 3D numerical modelling in order to determine complex stress redistributions around tunnels, cross passages, station openings and stair/lift shafts.

Further to the use of 3D modelling, AAE has also had the chance on this project to use the technology of Hardening Soil. In contrast to the Mohr Coulomb model, Hardening Soil uses three different stiffness input parameters to produce a more accurate stiffness representation. The use of this within the 3D modelling gave a much better simulation of the London ground in which we were working.