Forging Relationships with IOM3

Forging Relationships with IOM3

Alan Auld Engineers Alan Auld, Wyn Griffith, Elizabeth Klinkenberg and Sharon Strugnell are Council Members for the Midland Institute of Mining Engineers (MIME), an affiliate of the Local Society of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). Alan, Wyn and Elizabeth are all past Presidents of the Institute and Sharon is the current Young Members representative.

As Young Members representative, Sharon holds the responsibility for organising and leading events for young member involvement. Recently, Sharon has forged closer links between MIME and the British Tunneling Society Younger Members (BTSYM) group by leading members of both groups on site and mine visits across the UK. By engaging in these events, members of both groups are gaining an insight into other forms of underground construction methods and planning.

This year, the Alan Auld Group of Companies will be sponsoring the Mining and Mineral Processing in Europe Conference 2016, hosted at the IOM3 headquarters in London. This conference will feature speakers from a wide array of backgrounds to discuss how Europe, once a leader in mining innovation and technology, can regain it's edge and gain access to it's mineral deposits through the use of new mining technology. For more information click here.

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