ALAN AULD Engineering

Alan Auld Engineering is active in the civil engineering world designing both structures for clients and providing design and build solutions for clients and contractors. Many of our design staff have a "Contractor" background and this enables us to design structures that uniquely address buildability and logistics issues. Further to this, we can develop the temporary works schemes required to enable the full construction.

Traditionally larger design organizations avoid becoming involved in the temporary works required for a scheme's construction, whereas this is central to the Alan Auld Group ethos. We have become well known for our work in this field, ranging from the design of timber headings and the type of temporary works required for underground station construction, to heavy propping schemes used during building construction and deep cofferdams for heavy civil engineering schemes.

There is a particular expertise in the field of underground works, and we have designed and been involved in the planning and construction supervision of many shafts and tunnels in both the UK and throughout the world.

Our engineers are consistently producing cost effective and innovative solutions. We work for many of the main contractors and specialist sub-contractors operating in the UK, often from tender stage through to construction. Much of our work comes from repeat business with clients that we have worked with over a number of years.

We are able to offer our services at all stages of a project life cycle.

  • Pre Construction
    • Site topographical surveys
    • Site inspections and condition and surveys
    • Site investigation works
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Budget costing
    • Tender document preparation
    • Contractor selection
    • Contractors alternative design submission
    • Tender methodology and planning
    • Estimating and tender submission
  • Construction
    • Contractor's methodology and sequence drawings
    • Materials handing and muck disposal gantry systems
    • Temporary works schemes with full design and technical support
    • Contractors technical supporting document submissions
    • Construction management and staff secondment
    • Project commercial services
    • Fast turnaround design solutions to unexpected site problems
  • Project Closeout
    • Project reporting and cost management
    • Claims assistance
    • Specialist technical advice and legal preparation
    • Evaluation and lessons learnt and preparation of specialist reports