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Alan Auld Construction Management Ltd was established to service both existing clients and new with their management requirements of construction related projects in both the UK and worldwide. Whatever the stage of the project Alan Auld Construction Management can assist by providing professional staff either remotely or within the project team for durations that satisfy the clients’ needs be that long or short term. We can provide a professional service in either a support format or a full ‘hands on’ role. Alan Auld Construction Management recognise that our clients require flexibility of both time and skills and therefore aim to supply staff with all round experience to slot into and out of a project team as required. Our pool of resource comes from a diverse background within the construction industry including, but not limited to’ Rail, Water Treatment, Highways, Power, Mining and building projects.

1. Whole Life Asset Management - Alan Auld Construction Management can assist clients at any stage of a project. Starting with pre- Concept/Feasibility Studies and running right through to decommissioning and demolition we offer analysis of different procurement strategies and what impact this can have on whole life management issues. It is important to identify both the direct and indirect costs that may occur during a structures lifetime and the sooner this is established the more chance one has to consider alternative means to achieve the same outcome.

2. Value Management - Value Management (and Value Engineering) is a process utilised to ensure that clients receive the best possible value for the price paid to deliver a project. This process is often confused with cost cutting but in reality couldn’t be further apart. The process of Value management and Value Engineering should be engaged as early as possible in a new project as that’s where the maximum opportunity and minimum cost lies for change.

3. Risk Management - The management of risk today is vital to the successful delivery of a project. Alan Auld Construction Management have extensive experience in both identifying the source of risk, mitigating risk and quantifying the residual effects ahead of a new project. Risk (and opportunity) extend throughout the life of a project and therefore require regular consideration and re-evaluation. A project risk register is a simple tool to enable effective management of risk activities identifying those best qualified to deal with the risk if it should occur.

4. Procurement Management - Alan Auld Construction Management can advise and guide clients of the numerous alternative procurement strategies available to successfully deliver a project. The right procurement strategy is crucial to the successful delivery of a project, conflicting objectives need a compromise that best suits all parties ensuring that risk is appropriately incorporated into all decision making.

5. Programme - The planning of a project is vital to ensure timely procurement and delivery of all the individual activities. Alan Auld Construction Management have considerable experience with the compilation of detailed programmes that identify each stage of a project and then break down into singular activities. Accurate and updated Project programmes are vital to the construction team to forward plan, manage resources and coordinate activities to gain maximum efficiency. Alan Auld Construction Management work with clients and contractors alike to successfully deliver projects using the most appropriate programming software for their needs.