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Alan Auld Canada are able to provide first rate project management services to a range of construction projects including underground structures. This operation has been particularly successful in regards to the introduction of our new shaft inspection technology.

Project Services

  • Alan Auld Canada (AACN) have the necessary expertise to provide project management services from inception to completion.
  • Qualified personnel are able to provide: Construction Management, Technical Support, Quality Control and Assurance to all forms of mining projects.
  • Our Project Management services can benefit your project by ensuring: quality, safety, budget and schedule requirements are all achieved.


  • Shaft and Tunnel Lining - Alan Auld Canada (AACN) offer support for both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions. We can provide designs for concrete, cast iron or both depending on your requirements.
  • Shaft Repair - AACN can assist in the engineering of temporary stabilization and replacement of shaft infrastructure as required. We can also provide forensic investigation of failure modes and offer recommendations for on-going maintenance.
  • Shaft Plugs/Abandonment - AACN have significant experience of the design of watertight plugs in a variety of ground conditions.
  • Ground Improvement Processes
  • Temporary Underground Construction Sequencing

Shaft Inspection

  • Alan Auld Canada’s patent pending shaft inspection system allows you to see your underground infrastructure in unprecedented detail. This technology allows us to record a 360 degree interactive video of your mine shaft or tunnel, giving you a baseline against which to compare in the future. The system is ideal for recording newly built structures as part of the hand over process or for developing as-builts of infrastructure where the original plans have been lost. A complete scan takes as little as four hours for one mine shaft and will be delivered with a brief report on the conditions observed, based on our combined decades of mine construction experience. Our new software tool allows us to tie your video to a variety of external media including stratigraphic sections, inspection notes and design drawings so that they may be viewed side-by-side with the video at the same elevation providing even more information about what you are looking at.